Piston Rings for Marine Diesel Engines
and Industrial Applications
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Large Bore Diesel Engines

Increasingly, super-charged, high performance engines have been developed as the main marine engine. Therefore, piston rings have to withstand intense conditions such as heat, shock, high temperatures and insufficient lubrication, all of which leads to excessive wear and breakage.

HP Rings offer a range of standard rings available for various different operating conditions. These use the latest materials and coatings, and cover the different sets supplied by the engine builders: basic set ( Non-Coated), Quick Running-in Version ( Soft Coated) and Heavy Duty Version (Hard Coated for longer TBO).

Medium Bore Diesel Engines

Rapid Progress has been made in the development of four stroke engines for vessel and power plants. Therefore, many high –supercharged, high speed engines are in use today. In such engines, high reliability, combined with a reduction in running costs, reduction in lubrication consumption for labour saving and improved durability is required. For such engines, piston rings with the latest coatings and materials have been developed with excellent oil scraping properties, breakage and wear resistant properties.

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