Piston Rings for Marine Diesel Engines
and Industrial Applications
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Industrial Piston Rings

HP Rings are leading manufacturer and supplier of piston rings and metallic seals for Industrial applications.


With our experience and extensive records in concern of industrial seal rings, HP Ringscan usually offer solutions and proposals to difficult operations or designs.

Ourspecialist knowledge enables us to advise you on any type of piston ring from12 mm to 2100 mm in wide range of material.

We have onstock at our sister company in Europe over 4,000,000 pieces of piston ringsmanufactured to DIN Specification.

VintageCars/Motor Cycles                                         Hydraulic

Gas&Fluid Seals                                                                 Pneumatic

Steam andDiesel Locomotives                                 Stationary Engines

Pile Driving Hammers                                                   Steam Drive Pumps

Winches                                                                                Drop Forge Hammers

Vacuum Pumps                                                                Crusher Plant

Bilge Pumps                                                                       Plastic Moulding Machines

Oil Seals                                                                               Gearboxes

Agricultural Plant                                                           Grinding Machine Metallic Seal

Hydro-Electric Power Station                                 Turbine Seals

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