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                                     Diesel Engine Spares

HP Rings can supply the full range of diesel engine spares for thefollowing engine types. As part of our service we offer replacement parts both for engines in current production as well as those engines which are no longer in production.

Allen:    S12, BCS12, S37,T47

Blackstone: ES, ER,EV, JP

British Polar: F, MN,T

Dorman:   DA, LD,LE, JV, Q, SE

Gardener:   L3B, LW, LXB,

Lister Petter:   All Types

Kelvin:   J, K, L, T

Jenbacher:   Series 3, 4, 6

Nohab Polar: Polar:  F10, F20, F30 (British Polar)

Mirrlees:   TL, J,R, MB275, E, K, K Major, MB430, B, AL

Ruston /Paxman:   YL, YJ, RPH, APC,VEB, AR, AL, RK, RK215, RK270, AT

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